The old age, the old, the old head is entered into China.

Original title: The Year of the Ox, the foreign capital is in the middle of the newspaper, the middle and downstream integrated Energy Chemicals China Petrochemical Co., Ltd. and the plastics, chemicals and refinery companies Lie Andad announced the joint venture, both sides have signed joint ventures. Agreement, a 50:50 peer joint venture company, expanding the production of propylene oxide (PO) and styrene (SM) in China. The joint venture will be named Ningbo Town Sea Refinery Lisan. Yu Baocai, a senior vice president of Sinopec, said, "Based on the successful experience of the first joint venture project, we will be happy to continue to create brilliantly with the important partners of Lian Puertair. The establishment of new joint venture companies is not only further expanded from the country The open public policy is consistent, and it is also an important step in China’s petrochemical deepening and expansion internationalization.

We can further drive the economic development of Ningbo region for a high hoping for new joint ventures. Sinopec will continue to promote the development of green industry upgrades and innovation during the ’14th Five’ periods, and contribute to the development of economic growth and China’s chemical industry in Zhejiang, East China. "" In the context of China’s economic growth, the demand for propylene oxide and styrene will also increase in the Chinese market.

"Torker Temcer, Executive Vice President, Leid Palsear, said," We are very excited to deepen our partnerships with China’s petrochemical partnership, so that we can better serve the Chinese market.

China Petrochemical Excellence The combination of operational power of Lie Andad will be a win-win guarantee. "The foreign capital of the China market is really a lot. Siemens Energy is officially completed in the innovation center established by Shenzhen.

As an important part of the global innovation organization network, Siemens Energy, Shenzhen Innovation Center will develop as the core with clean energy technology research and development and innovation business, fully relying on the industrial and talent advantage of Guangdong and Hong Kong, Australia, aim to develop into a joint opening! New R & D institutions with a synergistic development of industrial research and development, and the green development of the Taiwan District. "Successful promotion of energy transformations must be relied globally to improve traditional technology to become effective transitional solutions, and develop more innovative green technologies.

"Siemens Energy Co., Ltd. Cristian Bruch said that" Siemens Energy Shenzhen Innovation Center will integrate these key elements to create another lighthouse demonstration project for EU and China to promote China-EU green partners, China and Europe Digital partners. Relying on the Shenzhen Innovation Center, Siemens Energy will be closer to China’s vibrant energy market, together with Chinese partners, and jointly create technology and innovation with industrial and social value. "Siemens Energy China also announced in Shenzhen, and signed a cooperation agreement with Shenzhen Relevant district governments, Shenzhen Energy Group Co., Ltd. and Lihechong Group Co., Ltd.

Siemens Energy Co., Ltd. Chief Technology and Strategic official Vinodphilip said, "Building reliable, efficient, low-carbon energy supply system is the key to Shenzhen construction high-quality development highland and building a world-class city group in Daban District Elements.

We join hands with partners to make innovative ideas faster to reality, with practical action to achieve carbon and contribute to China 2060 years ago. "(Qin Zigang) (Editor: Li Yilin (intern), Li Dong) Sharing let more people see the recommended reading.