and so,He wants to retreat。

Leo caught this,That’s why I dare to act like this,Otherwise,Must be hung up and beaten by Sky Monkey。
See the sky monkey silent,Leo knew that the other party was retiring,So smile again:“You are very strong,impressive,You and I have no grudges,How about taking a step back today?Everyone will be good neighbors in the future。”
Hearing that Leo actually gave in,Everyone exclaimed。
Because it doesn’t conform to the rules of the sea,The strong can get everything,Leo performed“Rolling”The strength of the monkey,At least it should be swallowed by most of the power of the Sky Monkey。
You can even directly kill the channeling sky monkey and gather all the forces of the channeling sky monkey.。
The folks at the Foge Chamber of Commerce are puzzled,I don’t know why Leo wants to let Boll go.,After all, in their opinion, Leo can easily solve Boll,You deserve everything from Boll。
But the people from the Bohr Union were greatly relieved.,Praise the sea,Leo is such a good person!
Chuan Tianhou himself was a little surprised,Looked at Leo quite puzzled。
Leo’s skin color gradually returned to normal,Smile more three points:“Why fight between us?The shampoo is so big,We each make money,It is not good?”
The monkey nodded,The shampoo is really big,The forces here are also complicated,But everyone can at least have a mouthful of soup。
“in this way,Let’s both and truce,Earn their own money!”Leo continued。
After speaking,Leo’s figure flashed into the Foge Chamber of Commerce。
The people around suddenly exclaimed,This method is too strong,It’s hard to resist without strong knowledge。
Looking at Leo’s back, the sky monkey said loudly:“I’m not as good as people,We will try our best to give in when we meet Buddha!”