“This is indeed a good idea!”Taoist Sanqing also reacted。

They had some fixed mindset before,I feel that the Three Realms are weak but the endless territory is strong。
It’s hard to establish sects in endless territory。
But now I want to come,Li Ming is a great master,There are a group of powerful and potential world practitioners,It is completely possible to build a force comparable to the Big Momen。
“But don’t think about Da Moyu,Daojun and I still have some friendship,And he is terrible,Can’t afford to offend,But I still have to count it up,Where to build the Three Realm Palace,And it’s better to stay away from our Three Realms,To prevent outsiders from knowing where our Three Realms are。”
This area where the Three Realms are located,In the eyes of Li Ming and others, it is the back hand and lair of the Three Realms,Not easily exposed。
And on the other hand,Dao Meng has preferential treatment to the founding faction,Li Ming intends to establish the forces of the Three Realms,It is also indispensable to leverage the Dao League Immortal Palace。
Dao League Fairy Palace,Emperor Yi Sen was stunned。
“Heart Sword Emperor,Jinyu,You mean heart swordsmanship?wrong,He is not kendo,He is a practitioner!He created a method of unity of mind and force?”
“Not necessarily self-created。”Emperor Jinyu shook his head:“Endless territory,Only the Heart Sword Emperor who created a similar method,Available in other territories,Countless strong people add up,There are even more similar methods created。”
“Such as the god emperor‘Helong’,his《Divine Emperor Extinction》Comparable to the Heart Sword Emperor《Heart Swordsmanship》Too clever,The endless realm is also spread。”
“perhaps,This Ming Taoist has received similar inheritance,That’s why I practiced the formation method that combines mind and power。”