12 ways to teach you step by step

12 ways to teach you step by step

1. You may wish to test your satisfaction with your career with a pillow: every morning when you lift your head from the pillow and think of going to work, do you feel cheerful?

Similarly, every night when you lie down on your pillow, are you happy with what you achieved that day?

It is true that the answers to these questions will always be yes; but if the answer is always negative, then it may be time for you to change jobs.

  2. Please ask the boss to point out what you need to keep improving.

  3. Be sure to let others know: You are either the first to go to work every day or the last to go to work every day.

  Or both, but don’t do it.

This is a good start in your career, but it is not an ideal life after all.

  4, to establish a reputation as “proficient problem solvers.”

If a problem comes to your desk, don’t be lazy and let someone else solve it.

  5. Even if your response is “excellent”, you still need to pay attention to how you can perform better in the future.

  6, pay attention to the work of the surrounding environment.

These areas are potential growth potential.

  7. Find a way to get a first-class annual report, which will help you keep pace with the industry, and gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of your company’s competitive advantage.

  8. If you really like what you do, success will follow.

  9, go out for lunch with other colleagues in the company, armor to learn more about their work content and department status.

Let them speak freely, just listen and listen.

  10. Learn to “touch the net”.

Career promotion is more like climbing a ladder, but more like climbing online.

Think about it: have you used all your social connections to the best of your ability?

  11. At work, if you pay more than you get, in the end, you will get more than you give.

  12. If you are faced with such a choice: Or do a job that you love, but the salary is only 2 million, otherwise do a job that can even earn 5 million and you do not like it at all, thenNo need to hesitate, just choose the 2 million job, so that you can sleep comfortably at night, your life will definitely be richer than choosing another job.