Baby constipation is a good way to do massage

Baby constipation is a good way to do “massage”

Cold weather babies are more prone to constipation. Experts suggest that children can eat more white radish, oranges and other vegetables and fruits.
  From the moment the baby falls to the ground, whether the baby’s poop is unblocked every day has always been a major event that affects the nerves of the parents.
When your baby is troubled by constipation, not only is her emotional irritability and crying easily, her appetite may also worsen, and anal fissure may even occur.
Experts remind parents that winter is a season when babies are prone to constipation. In addition to paying attention to hydration and providing a balanced diet, mothers may wish to take a little time every day to give their babies a abdominal massage to help the baby’s gastrointestinal motility.
  Ten-month-old Chengcheng has been eating well, sleeping well, and pulling well since he was born.
But this winter, Chengcheng encountered constipation for the first time: He had a bowel movement once a day, and suddenly couldn’t pull it out for 3 consecutive days. The little boy was crying with tears, not to mention how distressed the family was.
  Reason: The baby’s gastrointestinal regulation is poor. “Constipation is actually a clinically common digestive disease.
The internal cause of constipation is reduced bowel motility in the human digestive tract.
“Experts point out that, for babies younger than one year of age, the gastrointestinal tract’s adaptation to foreign foods often requires a process of regulation due to the incomplete development of the nerves in charge of the internal organs.
  Many babies are prone to diarrhea or constipation when adding new complementary foods. This is because their own gastrointestinal regulation is not good enough and they must slowly adapt to different foods.
  In addition, the season is also a factor that cannot be ignored for babies’ defecation. Generally, babies are more constipated in winter.
“From the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, Dongzhu’s collection is the season when the human body stores energy.
虽然此时外界气温低,但人体却很容易有内热,所以民间一直有‘冬吃萝卜夏吃姜’的说法”,专家分析说,在寒冷的冬季,宝宝的胃肠道会进入一个休整期, The function will also become relatively weak, “so, in this season to add supplementary food to the baby, we must pay attention to gradual and orderly, do not be too rush.
“Countermeasures: Drink plenty of water, adjust your diet, and massage regularly. Although constipation is not a serious illness, the pain caused to your baby should not be underestimated.
In addition to emotional irritability and easy crying, constipation can cause the baby to lose appetite, sleep well, and may cause anal fissures and hemorrhoids in severe cases.
  When it is found that the baby has difficulty in defecation, parents should take appropriate countermeasures in a timely manner. Experts suggest that parents should give their baby more water and adjust their diet while taking a little time a day to give the baby abdominal massage. “This is a goodMethod, persist for a period of time, will definitely get good results. ”
  Frequent massage: After discovering that your baby has difficulty in defecation, you can try to give your baby an abdominal massage to help your baby’s gastrointestinal motility.
First rub your hands, massage the baby’s abdomen about 30 times clockwise, and then massage about 30 times counterclockwise.
If your baby is unwilling to cooperate during the day, you can also massage while your baby is asleep.
Pay attention to keep your palm warm during the massage.
In addition, this method is expensive to insist on. If you give it up once or twice, it is difficult to have an effect.
  Adjusting the diet: 准备 When preparing food for your baby, pay attention to two principles: one is balance, and the other is nature.
The so-called “balanced” is to eat everything, do not picky eaters, parents should prepare a variety of food for their children.
“Natural” means that the food prepared for the child should not be too fine. Each kind of food is a whole. Many fruits and vegetables must be eaten with fiber to achieve the best effect of food.
  In winter, you can eat more white radish and oranges.
In addition, vegetables and fruits such as cabbage, lettuce and banana are also very good.
You can also use millet, brown rice, oatmeal and other coarse grains to make porridge for children.
  Many people know that eating fruit can help prevent constipation. Some parents are very precious to their children. They only drink juice when they eat oranges, and do not give their children dregs. This is not good for children.
He explained that the fiber of oranges can not only promote children’s gastrointestinal motility, but also make children’s absorption of nutrients better and more comprehensive.
If you lose fiber and drink orange juice, insulin will suddenly become very high. This is how many fat people come from.