The Yellow River "Hand in Hand" Yongding River is a clear stream to Beijing

  Located in the No. 1 tunnel, the No. 1 tunnel of the North Truna Town, Baotou Township, Pinglu District, Shanxi Province, and the Yellow River water will be injected into the Sangko River through the Qili River, and the Yongding River (Photographs on April 24). Xinhua News Agency reporter Wang Feihang photo Xinhua News Agency Taiyuan April 27 (Reporter Wang Feihang) The reporter learned from the Shanxi Provincial Water Resources Department that the Bumang Reservoir in Yunzhou District, Datong City, Datong City, has recently opened the water, and the source is constantly illegally rushing. Next, the spring hydration is performed for the downstream Yongding River.

It is reported that this year, Wanjiazhai Huang Huang will adjust to Yongding River about billion cubic meters. After the Wanjiazhai Water Conservancy Project in Shanxi Province, the Yellow River Water passed through the three-stage pumping station to increase the mountain, all the way wearing a mountain, eventually flowing out from the No. 1 tunnel No. 1, Huang Yellow Engineering. The river, in turn, flows to the largest reservoir in the downstream of the Sangko River, and after further purification, replenish the downstream.

  In the Shanxi Wanjiazhai, Yellow Range, No.1, Huangbei Ganji, No.1, Baotou Township, Baotou City, Shanxi Province, and the Yellow River Water are running out of the flow of cubic meters per second, and the clear river is flowing down and injected into seven miles. The river, thereby flowing to the downstream of the Sangko River, Yongding River. According to the relevant person in charge of Shanzhou Branch of Shanxi Wanjiazhai Water Conservation Resources Co., Ltd. Planning, the Huang North Governing No. 1 Cave will focus on Yongding River by about 100 million cubic meters of Yongding River this year, including about 100 million cubic meters in spring.

  Yongding River is one of the important water systems in the Haihe River Basin.

Since the late 1970s, due to continuous drought, the upstream of the Yongding River has been reduced, and the water structure along the river is unreasonable, so that the downstream plain river has been completely disclosed after 1996, the riverbed sandization, and the water ecological environment have been destroyed.

In recent years, through the coordination of Huang River and Yongding River local runoff, the Yongding River is more than 700 million cubic meters to the Yongding River, and the length of the Water River section of Yongding River has increased significantly, and some dry rivers reappear. (Finish).