Side of the Wan Berlin District

  Original title: Seed the "Seed" of the "Seed", "Fruit" – Wan Berlin District "Solving Warm Cardiography Party" Action Side Remember the Double Autumn Festival, Wan Berlin District Civil Affairs Bureau inspects the staff of the group Once again, I came to Xiangning Street Low Insurance Object Zhao’s home, and negotiated how to help him change the damaged housing damaged due to rainfall.

"Thank you for the warmth of the party and the government, do you really don’t know how to pass this year.

"Zhao held the hand of condolence group for a long time, I didn’t want to release. Since the study of party history, the Civil Affairs Bureau of Wan Berlin District has carried out the" Solving Warm Cardi-Chi "action as a test party history and" I am for the masses " "Trip Stone", "Trip Stone", the effectiveness of practice activities, solves the problem of "rush to expect", and the "riot" problem of the difficulties. The "screener" to the "sieve" approaching the masses can be difficult. " Since the development of the party, since the operation of the Wan Berlin District, the Civil Affairs Bureau of Wan Berlin has taken the leadership, groups into difficult people’s families, understand what is the most concerned about the difficulties, the most troublesome thing, solve it? How to solve it? ? Through policy solutions, accurate help, send the party and the government’s care for the difficult people. In the action, the Civil Affairs Bureau of Wan Berlin has visited more than 1,500 urban and rural low-end insurance objects, disperse the support of the special difficult person, due to serious illness The big difficult family, for some special difficult families to give condolences gold or condolences to solve the urgent urgent, in detail their current difficulties, future intended, build accounts, outline, and solve the policy problem 34, case There are 13 problems. At the same time, organizational Village (Community) Social Rescue Association is a "sieve" in the entire district of 3,703 unintrophotarians, three-level intellectual mental disabled people, three-level intellectual mental disabled people. The active 56 eligible difficult disabled people handled the low insurance. It is targeted to help the 857 households of the 857 households, and the Unitedity and other departments have been targeted.

  "Four sent" on the door "An old one" sentimental attention to the 63-year-old low-cost object of the East Agency Street Aluminum Factory Community, lost labor capacity due to serious illness. His mother is a retired employee of aluminum factory, and has a variety of diseases, which requires long-term drug treatment. After the staff of the District Civil Affairs Bureau visited his home, he took the initiative to go to Xue to set up a special support. "An old" is a group of key help of the civil affairs department of Wanyerlin District.

In the "Solving Warm Cardship Parthen" action, the Wan Berlin District Civil Affairs Bureau conducted "four-to-door" "sent to the door" to "send the door" to "send the door" "send the door" "send the game" "sending the door" to "send the door" Children’s heart, disadvantage, help school.

  In the "Gifts to the Gate" action, the District Civil Affairs Bureau has entered a special difficult family and the old party members, serious illness and other difficult families, send condolence gold and condolence materials; "send love to the door" action, the District Civil Affairs Bureau condolence group Entering self-developed children’s rehabilitation institutions, carrying out the "Book of Xiang Yuxin, Caring for Growth", "Sending Clothing Stationery for Autism, Exquisite Books;" Sending Home "Action, District Civil Affairs Bureau is eligible The 43 difficult families have issued a 50 yuan to 5,000 yuan, helping them to get to school dreams; "Send the play on the door" action, the District Civil Affairs Bureau specially invited the Huacheng Jin drama to the respective home, so that the old people are in the 铿铿Survey Parthenon in the Sheng Song Singing Section.

  Surremm works, the basis of the happy people’s livelihood, on October 25th, Xinghua Street, Mei Mei Community, Liang, Liang, Liang, Morning, and the usual, I came to the community cafeteria.

The fragrant millet porridge, the hot air buns, the color fragrance, the gap, and the people are mouth-watering. "It is not expensive.

"Uncle Liang whispered the thumb:" The community canteen completely solved my food problem.

"There is a community cafeteria like this. At the end of the year, there are 30 Wanlin District. This is also a key task in the" Solving Warm Cardiology Parthen "action. Executive special difficulties eating difficulties. Not only that, in the action of "Solving Warming Cardi-Chuan", Wan Berlin District Civil Affairs Bureau actively links various street communities, innovating volunteer services. Located in Xinghua Street Jin Xiaofei Charity Supermarket, take 5% of its turnover every year as a charity fund, used to rescue community difficult people. This charity supermarket also innovates the establishment of charity savings, and you can receive a "love savings card" after registration of community residents. Participate in love donation, volunteer service, community public welfare activities to exchange into points for storage, cards to enjoy community mutual assistance, community help and other services. "We have to do practical good things to the hearts of difficult people.

"The person in charge of the Civil Affairs Bureau of Wanbaillin District said that the" Solving the Well-to-Card "Action has improved the" temperature "of the people to serve the people and the" good voice "of the party and the government.

At present, "Solving the Well-to-Card" action has been cultivated as a "seed", rooted in the Wanyerlin District, flowering results.

Reporter Xu Fangwei).