“teacher,These strong?”

“Leave them alone,Scared of being beaten,Let’s go back to the original universe,The primitive universe needs you to guard。”
“The territory of the human race is now more than ten times larger than before,Various problems now,You have four avatars,Can be stationed in four areas,Ensure the stability of the ethnic group。。。”Li Ming shook his head:“Go back quickly,Your other teacher, Chaos City Lord, wants to die and want you to be a coolie。”
“And immediately,Our human race wants to negotiate with other aliens,If the talk is not good,There may be war in the future。You inherited the line of Duandonghe,In the future, it will be very high in my human race,Should go。”
“That one,Teacher, can i go?”
“Can’t,Not negotiable!”
“Your clone in the giant axe micro universe,The giant axe will let you pass later。”
Chapter 21 negotiation
Once on the edge of the Yaozu territory,The junction with the Thorns Ring Alliance。
There is a very wide area of nothingness in between。
So-called nothingness,Lack of substance,Little life to survive。