In front of this man,No matter what is wrong。

He is jealous,Not a strong heart,But it is true,Le Yu Xi can love blue and blue,I can too,Yourself,Remembered by such an infatuated man,He is a mustache from the bones。
Le Xi turned to the head,Looking at the Blue Xin on the bed,The bottom is like a Wang Han Tan,Transstature,Black worm becomes unparalleled。
“I will find private aircraft,Bring the blue blue to abroad to heal,She is lying like this,I have no way to sleep with peace of mind.。”Even at this moment,He is a bit incredible,She has something to do.。
Lu Haocheng listened to his voice very calm,But very firm。
“hehe……”Lu Hao Cheng smiled very light,Look at Le Zhenxi,The cool voice passes into Le Yuxi’s ears:“Le Zhenxi,Before you say this,Recognize your position first,Blue Xin is my wife, Lu Hao,To treat this,I said it is not enough.,Not you want to take away away。”
He wants to take blue blue,impossible,No matter what price,He will let the blue are awake。
Now in the hospital,Already studying blue disease,Soon there will be results。
NS927chapter:What threatens you use?
“Besides,Body situation with blue blue,Her body can’t stand casual,Don’t say to private planes.。
”He also wants to send the blue blue to abroad to heal,But her physical condition is not allowed,He can only come over foreign experts.。
Current blue blue,Life and death,He hired a doctor to come over,That is to rescue the blue blue。
Even if only one tens of probability,He will not give up。
No her,He is unhappy,This is better than looking for her in the vast sea.。
Lu Haozheng is confused,Past all kinds of past,Vivid。
He just wants to leave all the beautiful things in this world to her.,Starting from the moment to find her,He always thinks like this。
“I can ask the best medical team to come into blue and blue.。”
Le Zhenxi Shen Sudang。
Lu Haocheng looked at him a back of his loneliness,“What you can do,I can also do it.,Best physician abroad,I have already been pleased.,you do not need to worry,Blue blue will wake up。”
“But the last time”“This time is different from last time。”
Lu Haocheng interrupted his words。
“Last time,Blue Blue Because I,Reason not to live,This time,Blue blue for me,With a reason for not living,so,She will wake up。”
She wants to do something one night,Still a sweet words,The rest of my life is happy with him.,so,She will wake up。
Le Zhenxi also knows that he has just been impulsive.,Look at the blue blue,The body can’t stand up for a few hours。
Le Xi Ping repeatedly excitedly,“What is the treatment plan??”
Dull voice,Slightly exhausted。
Lu Haozheng shook his head:“Clinic is not yet,Medical team is only in the afternoon,You before you come,They made a comprehensive examination to the blue blue,I will meet.,May be going to tomorrow afternoon。”
for a long time,No one speaks,There is a moment of condensation in the air。
Le Xi Dao:“I’m going back,Tomorrow afternoon。”
Run here for a breath,How many nights have been busy these days,He is really too tired.。
Now watching the blue blue and life signs,He is already very satisfied.。
Looking at her familiar eyebrows,And the familiar face,He has peace of mind.。
“it is good!”
Lu Hao nodded,Heart in the heart,Not angry,He respects Le Zhenxi’s love。
Encounter love,You can also stand at different angles.。