Sonny is also a yoga beauty

Sonny is also a yoga beauty

Everyone knows that there are two beauties hosted by “Entertainment Scene”, Li Xia and Soni. Needless to say, the beauty is so good that it is not impossible to grab the limelight of guests.

The biggest difference between the two is that they are clear and dynamic, and they are different from hot and cold.

The laughing Li Xia naturally belongs to the family of moving rabbits, elves and ghosts, and the cold Soni seems to be elegant, dignified, quiet and noble.

Therefore, when we decided to do a fashion sports chapter for elegant Soni, there was always a faint worry. Is her sports cell enough and developed enough?

  Far more than Soni came in, greeting, choosing clothes, seating, applying makeup, Malita almost seemed to have entered a tight working state of the strings, and this was actually one of Soni’s disliked procrastinations.

When we highlighted the theme of the yoga shoot she determined for this goal, we found out that Soni, who was quiet in our imagination, was actually a lovely woman who could move easily and softly.

  Use Yoga to cultivate your mind. Not long ago, Soni, who just bought back a yoga book, music band and yoga mats, bricks, ropes and other related supporting equipment, is very interested in mentioning yoga. Don’t look at his flexibility.Even meditating on the mat and cross-legged seemingly simple movements are a little bit like that, after all, I have practiced dance since childhood, spreading my legs all over the place and not even holding it in place. I can also be a yoga beauty like a decent figure.

But beauty is not important, the key is that yoga has found a new way to cultivate her mind and heart.

  ”After doing this, I feel that the cervical spine has improved in some parts of the body that are more painful.

Although there are some actions in the process of making you scream in pain, it is not the same as the pain when you are tired. The action of stretching and cooperating with breathing is really painful. After you have painI feel a lot refreshed.

Speaking, Soni nodded her neck and seemed to start the preparatory activities before yoga.

  Not only that, from Soni’s point of view, yoga is a recipe for precipitating the mood. In a noisy working state and social structure, the soothing and tranquil yoga exercise method can make people completely calm down.

  Of course, as a busy TV guy, Soni and Yoga are not so close. She tries to find various reasons to explain the reason for “distinguishing” it: working hours are not fixed, the program is revised, the broadcast channel is adjusted, and life is full of too many variables.
But after finishing this interview with Yoga, Soni finally had a little “wake-up”: “Yes, there must be some way to force herself. You can’t let some so-called distress or plain expression is invalid.Forward.

Spring is a great time for people to learn yoga.

“When she heard that there were more yoga men than yoga beauties in a club, Soni almost screamed in surprise:” Is it? ”

Oh, yes, yes, who said that yoga is only for women, men are not allowed to enter, and now men and women are equal, no one can stand by.