Strong bones, hard ridges, floating beam, industrial development, fast horses

Lesong Ceramics Smart Home Project laid, Jinyi Taotao Green Energy New Material Base is ignite, and the entire county promotes the photovoltaic pilot project to sign a contract … August, the floating beam is happy, and a group of big projects will be on the horse.

Since this year, the county responded to the city’s "industrial multiplication three-year action", with green industrial-oriented, reliance with advantageous resources, with project construction as a starting point, strong development, strong development engine, and accelerate high quality development of industrial economy. In the first half of this year, the county has completed the total output value of billion yuan, which increased year-on-year; the industrial added value was completed, accumulated growth rate. In response to the weak industrial foundation, the industrial agglomeration is not high, the scale enterprise is less, etc.

Implement the "Management Committee + Platform" management mode, in accordance with the "one park multi-district" construction plan, continuously optimize the industrial layout, based on the first phase of the establishment of industrial park, quickly promote the second phase of the industrial park, the industrial garden Zhipian Operation Center and the new A generation of information technology department, etc. At the same time, it is continuously improved the industrial park, which is mainly intelligent, logistics industry, and the industrial park, two districts and ecological environments based on special ceramics and precision casting, and launched the construction of the industrial park three districts and four districts. In addition, the community concept layout, surrounding the "Eat, Tour, Tourism, Temple" Planning Construction Park Neighborhood Center, Commercial Street, Testing Center, Financial Center, Medical and Health and Education Institutions, etc. At the same time, promote the fusion of the production city. At present, the county park settled 73 enterprises, including 48 production, 25 built. The county is firmly unwavering the truncation of the "No. 1 Engineering", concentrate on investment, selection projects, and do a good job in the cultivation of advantageous industries, and continuously introducing funds, industrial flow, technology flow.

Since this year, we will surround new materials, high-tech ceramics, electronic information, etc. A number of good projects such as gardens, non-ferrous metal industrial parks, and new technology ceramic powders have successively settled.

At the same time, do a good job in the cultivation of technology "small giants", focus on the "special combat" direction, select more than 10 target enterprises throughout the year; strengthen the cultivation of industrial enterprises, choose a small small and medium-sized enterprise with good growth every year A enterprise and one-minded cultivation make it rapidly grow into a regular enterprise.

In addition, the county has continuously optimizes the business environment, and it has been introduced "27 steady growth of 28" "27 points of cost-effective environment", and actively build "policy depression" and "service highland". Among them, the county-level leading cadres contact help the development of industrial enterprises, help companies solve the difficulties and problems encountered in production and operations; help private enterprises, SMEs complete the default payment of arrears, and have a total of 10,000 yuan; "Fortune Credit" "Guarantee Center", "Lending Culture", etc., solves the problem of corporate financing, helping enterprises for loan billions.

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