“You heard,Send money right away,Do you have a quilt,She is a bit cold。”Yu Ge saw Zhao Qianqian trembling。

Someone went home and came back with a blanket,On Zhao Qianqian,Not long,The ambulance screamed,The doctor listened to Zhao Qianqian’s heartbeat,I looked at her pupils with a medical flashlight,Infusion,Lift people to the car immediately。
“Are you her boyfriend?”The doctor turned to ask Yu Ge。
“Correct。”Yu Ge can only nod。
“You follow us to the hospital。”The doctor said。
“People are still alive?”Fortunately, Zhang Siwei is working in a place not far from the Huawuhen Bridge,Just two stops,In a few minutes, she arrived in sync with the ambulance,She squeezed in and asked。
“Still alive,You give them the money。”Yu Ge pointed at a few fishermen。
Zhang Siwei nodded,Give out 10,000 to Yu Ge,“You go to the hospital first,Not enough money,Call me again。”
Yu Geng got into the ambulance,Go to the hospital with Zhao Qianqian。
The headed fisherman came up,Reach out to Zhang Siwei,“boss,Should we give our money??”
“How many?”Zhang Siwei glanced at him。
“Twenty thousand,The guy said yes just now。”Fisherman pointing at ambulance going away。
“Save 20,000 people,Do you still have a conscience?”Zhang Siwei looked at the man。
“boss,This is not right,You will be shameless if someone is saved,She doesn’t want to live anymore,Jumped by myself,We give her a chance to be born again,I think 20,000 is not high,Isn’t her life worth 20,000?”
The headed fisherman said,Several other fishermen stood up one after another,Surround Zhang Siwei in the middle,There are many people watching the excitement in the outer circle,Should be residents near the bridge。
Zhang Siwei is righteous and strict,“It’s not about money,I just think you are too unjust,Saving people is very hard,I admit this,But you are the one who took advantage of the fire,How about this,I give 10,000 hard work,How many of you share one point,Interesting enough。”
“No way,Twenty thousand,Can’t be less。”Headed fisherman with enlarged eyes,Staring at Zhang Siwei。
“You are blackmail!Understand,You want 20,000 yuan to be blackmail!I give you ten thousand as a thank you fee,Essentially different!I counted,You are five,On average, one person can get two thousand yuan,Is already more than a month’s salary for ordinary people,What else do you want?”
“Say good things,How can i be fooling,You never thought,If we don’t make a move,Man is dead。”
“Give ten thousand,Love or not。”Zhang Siwei took out 10,000 from the bag and handed it over。