Seeing Nan Lingsha did not answer,I wish Minglang a serious and serious way,“So,This time into the office city,Competition、Perilous,In addition, I have some grievances with the imperial youth gang,I hope Lingsa girl……”

“Ok,I will take care of you。”
Does the sister-in-law have any misunderstandings about herself?。
Zhu Minglang touched his nose,I remembered the big black tooth,This way:“correct,Thank you for healing my black teeth,I didn’t expect Lingsha to have a healing dragon pet,This is very rare。”
The reason for saying this,Because Zhu Minglang remembered that early morning,I saw a dragon pet that looked like a little ghost around Nan Lingsha。
Want to come,That should be the little creature that made the big black tooth heal quickly。
I just don’t know what dragon it is。
Nan Lingsha stood there quietly,Just looking at Zhu Minglang with those charming and beautiful eyes,Yan Sha concealed,I can’t see her expression。
“What are you testing?”Nan Lingsha asked。
“Where,I’m just grateful。”Zhu Minglang explained a little embarrassingly。
“What you want to ask,I can tell you the truth。”Nan Lingsha laughed。
“Actually, I just thought about the competition after a few days,It’s like entering the Shura battlefield,If you can have a deeper understanding of Lingsha’s abilities,Will be more beneficial for us to win。”Zhu Minglang said。
Zhu Minglang is also telling the truth。
Nan Lingsha now shows two different abilities。
Her two abilities,Is available anytime,There are still some restrictions。
Shenfan,Really powerful,I wish Minglang don’t worry too much。