Earnings list for the first 3 quarters-Liquor Medicine Fund leads the equity class Greenbury A

Earnings list for the first three quarters: Liquor Medicine Fund leads the equity class Greenbury A

Original title: Liquor and pharmaceutical funds led the first three quarters of the income list Source: Financial Investment News entered the fourth quarter, public funds also entered the most critical period of performance.

From the performance of the first three quarters, WIND data shows that regardless of the funds established during the year, the average return 杭州桑拿网 of equity funds in the first three quarters of this year.

64% (only for Class A shares, the same applies hereinafter), the return of 2 funds exceeded 80%, and only 29 funds had negative returns, accounting for 10%.

  Among the passively managed index funds, China Merchants China Securities Liquor was 81.

The yield of 58% ranks first, and it also ranks first among all equity funds.

Among the actively managed equity funds, Boshi’s healthcare industry ranks first, with an increase of 80%.


Funds that rebalance technology stocks have also performed well.

  Greenbury A yielded -14 in the first three quarters.

56%, the bottom list of equity funds, the fund has become a mini-fund with less than one million assets.

  ■ Our reporter Liu Qinghua Index-based consumer funds outperformed the best performing equity funds in the first three quarters from index funds.

WIND data shows that the average growth of index funds in the first three quarters was 24.

65%, which is lower than the overall level of equity funds, mainly due to the fact that the major broad-based indexes rose first and then depressed, and the funds that track the broad-based index accounted for a large proportion of index funds.

However, in terms of single fund, China Merchants China Securities Liquor was 81.

The 58% yield ranks first among index funds, and it is also the equity fund with the highest yield in the first three quarters.

  In fact, due to the continued strength of the previous liquor sector, the fund also continued to top the list of similar funds.

In 2016 and 2017, the fund won the title of index fund, with annual returns of 15 respectively.

25% and 74.


  Penghua CSI Securities, China Thailand Food and Beverage, Huitian Fu CSI’s main consumer ETF, the main consumer ETF ranked 2nd to 5th with a yield of 75.

44%, 61.

38%, 60.

79%, 59.


From the performance of the index fund can be ground, the consumer sector, especially the liquor sector, led the first three quarters.

  The underperforming index funds include CCB-Hong Kong Stock Connect Hang Seng China Enterprise ETF, ICBC Credit Suisse High-speed Railway Industry, Cathay Hang Seng Hong Kong Stock Connect, Cinda Australia Bank Shanghai-Hong Kong-Shenzhen High Dividend, and Xincheng CSI Infrastructure Project.5,

88%, -5.

82%, -4.

77%, -4.

46%, -4.


  Hybrid technology fund rankings improved The average arithmetic gain of hybrid funds was 26.


The contradictions on the rankings have changed towards the rankings at the end of the first half of the year. Most funds that re-arrange consumption and agriculture “retreated to the second line”, and the ranking of funds holding technology stocks overtakes.

  Data show that Boshi Healthcare Industry A is 80%.

The yield of 87% tops the list.

Followed closely by Bank of Communications growth (519692) 30, GF Shuangqing upgrade, Hui’an Fortress A, Bo Shi return allocation, the return rate was 79.

13%, 77.
00%, 75.
71%, 74.


Among them, Bank of Communications grew 30 and GF Shuangqing upgraded and reconfigured TMT, which performed particularly well in the third quarter, with quarterly yields of 26 respectively.

71% and 27.

96%, far exceeding the average growth rate of hybrid funds in the third quarter (6.

05%), which has become an important reason for the significant increase in the yield of the two funds during the year.

  In the third quarter, the style of the A-share market changed, with the electronics, computer, and communications sectors in TMT leading the two markets.

Taking Bank of Communications’ growth of 30 as an example, the top ten heavy storage stocks of the fund at the end of the second quarter of this year were Yiwei Lithium Energy, Xinwangda, Xincheng Holdings, Science and Technology, Shanghai Electric Corporation, Yijiahe, and Huiding 夜来香体验网 TechnologyLixun Precision, etc.

  In comparison, the fund ‘s previous year ‘s yield on heavy storage and agriculture was overtaken by the above-mentioned funds, and its ranking on the rankings declined.

  On the drop list, Greenbury sharply bottomed, and earnings increased by -14.

56%, also became the largest equity fund in the year.

The fund was established in mid-November last year. From the perspective of net worth, the fund began to build stocks in February. After April, the net value fell with the market and closed in mid-to-late May.

Therefore, the fund’s position at the time of reporting was 0.

Since the end of July, the fund has increased positions, and its net value has fallen again with the market.

This fund is Green’s fourth fund. Until the end of the second quarter of this year, the asset size was less than one million yuan.

  Hua’an Xintaili A, Minsheng Plus Bank New Power A, Hui’an Assets Rotate, Minsheng Plus Bank Select Ranking also ranked at the bottom, and the first three quarters of return were -7.

50%, -6.

84%, -5.

24%, -5.


The two funds of Minsheng and Bank of China are managed by the same fund manager.

  Stock-based medical themed funds top stock-based funds in the first three quarters with an average increase of 34 in arithmetic.

22%, and all of them received positive returns.

  The yields of GF Healthcare and ABC Huili Healthcare exceeded 70%, 72 respectively.

95%, 70.


Penghua’s pension industry, China Merchants Medicine & Health, and Guangfa Diversity followed closely behind with yields of 68.

11%, 65.

40%, 65.


  From a configuration perspective, Guangfa Diversity Emerging and Guangfa Shuangqing Upgrade Fund managers in the hybrid fund are the same, and the configuration is similar. The top ten heavy stocks of Guangfa Diversity Emerging include Kangtai Bio, Shengbang, Ziguang Guowei, and Northern Huachuang, Jianfan Bio, China Software, Opcom, etc.

GF Healthcare is different from these two brothers’ funds. The positions are mainly pharmaceutical stocks.

The remaining leading stock funds also mainly hold pharmaceutical stocks.

  Qianhai’s open source index rate is among the top 50. The growth rankings of Wells Fargo Hong Kong Stock Connect, Xinyuan Core Asset A, Chuangjinxinxin New Energy Vehicle A, Qianhai Open Source Public Utilities, etc. have declined, and the first three quarters have yields of 2.

34%, 4.

51%, 4.

76%, 4.

88%, 7.

Among them, Qianhai’s open-source index rate is among the top 50, and the focus of positions on Quantitative Selection of Wells Fargo Hong Kong Stocks is on Hong Kong stocks.