Winding of large-scale whole cabinet pollution_1

Pioneer whole cabinet pollution entanglement

Most homes now choose the whole cabinet when it is renovated, because it looks beautiful.

As everyone knows, its quality is not so reassuring.

  According to a survey conducted by the Decorative Materials and Indoor Air Monitoring Section of the Hunan Provincial Center for Disease Control and Prevention, nearly 70% of indoor air pollution exceeded the standard.

Song Guangsheng, director of the China Indoor Decoration Association Environmental Monitoring Center, also said that the overall cabinet is the hardest hit area for indoor pollution.

  First, the material is contaminated.

Cabinets account for at least 1/3 of the kitchen. The main raw material is wood-based panels. If the materials are not up to standard, there will be pollution. In addition, the kitchen uses open flames, and the high temperature will accelerate the evaporation of harmful substances.

Second, countertop pollution.

The extra person likes to use the alternative stone as the countertop of the cabinet, but there are radioactive substances in the alkaline; in some artificial synthetic stone, the glue used contains benzene, instead of organic matter.

Third, the auxiliary materials are polluted.

Due to the large number of kitchen pipes, the whole cabinets are generally installed on site. If the operation is not distance, the artificial boards are prone to poor sealing.

Over time, the release of harmful substances can cause rashes, runny nose, tears and other symptoms, and even reduce the body’s resistance.

  Regarding the environmental protection of cabinets, there are currently no strict environmental standards for furniture in countries, only the testing standards for wood-based panels (chipboard and MDF).

Therefore, Director Song reminded consumers that when selecting the whole cabinet, it is best to go to the store personally and smell whether there is a strong pungent smell; many manufacturers only do partial edge sealing treatment in order to save materials.Do all the sealing; do the floor sealing as much as possible, because the operation is difficult to seal, and the factory uses high temperature and high pressure sealing, and the edging is completely neat; in some places, if you need to seal the site, you should use good quality.Glass glue or transparent glue, its waterproof effect is good; behind the cabinet is best not to install the backboard, which saves money and is environmentally friendly, and is easy to clean. Even if it is used, it must use double panels, single panel pollution is serious; some distancesThe cabinet material used in the cabinet is white Shire board, which contains green moisture-proof agent, and all the holes on the box are covered with caps to prevent moisture from entering and reduce formaldehyde release. The kitchen should always open the window and do notThe kitchen is too full.