2020 radio and electricity transcripts: 670 public representations reduced 25.97%

  In 2021, the full-scale media Blue Book has been officially published, which reveals that in 2020, the repertoires publicized by the national TV drama production record were 670, which was reduced by 2019. Income: In 2020, the National Radio and Television Industry has always incorporated 100 million yuan, a year-on-year increase.

National radio and television and online audiovisual advertising income billions.

Cable television network has incorporated 100 million yuan.

573 Household certificates and 70 network visual preferences of users payment, programs, etc. Overall transformation.

  Content production: 2020, the national news-based broadcast TV program production, broadcast time is 10,000 hours, thousands of hours, continuous growth trend; broadcast, TV public service advertising program broadcast time is 10,000 hours, Ten hours, year-on-year The growth is more than 42%, and the most increase in the year. In terms of overseas publicity: In the face of the inter-complex international situation and the epidemic, the Standard of the Office of Exchange, the State Administration of Radio, Film, implements "audio-visual China – beautiful China" overseas broadcast activities, promote the experience of anti-vlorative experience, reflecting contemporary Chinese stories and focus " There are hundreds of China’s outstanding audiovisual works in the topic of Human Destiny, broadcast in multi-TV stations, online audio-visual platforms and social media, and build "China Union Booth" online platform, through "one network, two micro, One end "to create a never ending" China Joint Booth ", has entered more than 100 film and television agencies, enrolled in international buyers more than 1,000 information, international IP visits 20,000, China’s story international dissemination continues to expand. TV Series: 2020, the repertoires for the national TV drama filming production records were 670 23519 episodes, which were reduced by 1%,%, and the number of issues were significantly reduced.

  Online drama: The total number of online dramas in the year is 14% over 202 in 2019, and the proportion of the key drama of the Internet drama continues to expand. Variety programs: 383 files in 2020, the topic of the topic programs and 328 archive variety show broadcast in the national TV channel; the total network variety of network variety programs 229 files, and the largest version of the program and the derived program 171 files, the overall number is 2019 Announcement in the year. Documentary: 2020 production documentary for thousands of hours, a year-on-year growth rate; the broadcast time is 10,000 hours, the year-on-year increase.

  Animation: All-year production issuance and broadcast TV cartoon duration increased by 100% and%, and the total number of co-line networks in the whole network increased by 38% and 69% respectively. Online movies: 2020 online movie 659, total length is about 51335 minutes, and it is slightly higher than the year.

  Sudden reading: 2020 national production broadcast programs hours, year-on-year increase%; data shows that there is a year-on-year growth in 2020.

  Text / This reporter Zu Weiwei’s co-ordination / Liu Jianghua.