Want to be a professional in the workplace first practice equipment

Want to be a professional in the workplace first practice “equipment”

“老三样”样样不可缺  2008年毕业的小李如今在一家药企做企划工作,她建议,人们传统认为的职场“老三样”还是不能少,对于女生来说,正装、化妆品和These three kinds of handbags are basic workplace equipment. Cosmetics may be more complicated. There are basic skin care products and makeup products.
Before joining the company, you can choose different price points and styles according to your financial conditions. In her words, “Bringing this equipment to the job will not only make us more dignified, but also reflect our attention to new jobs and our colleagues and leaders.respect.
It ‘s understood that compared to girls, boys ‘equipment is relatively simple, and suits, ties, and shoes are also indispensable. Of course, according to the characteristics of the season, such as wearing short-sleeved shirts and shoes in summer, this can make newThe enrolled college students leave a good impression on everyone. For some boys, a decent hairstyle is also a content that cannot be ignored. With the “oldest three”, graduates can relatively quickly integrate into the new working environment.
  ”New Three Kinds” can be “adopted for merit”. Compared with the traditional “Old Three Kinds”, the “New Three Kinds” can better show the personality of college students.
  It is understood that “new three” refers to laptops, plastic surgery and photo.
Purchasing a notebook computer is not a small expense. During the visit, the reporter found that many college students bought notebooks before joining the company for the convenience of work in the future. The cost ranged from thousands to tens of thousands.
Plastic surgery is the entry equipment for some female college students in recent years. After the Spring Festival each year, college students who find a job enter the plastic surgery hospital, trying to start their career in this trendy way, and the cost is naturally not low.Generally, the cost is more than 1,000 yuan, and some operations such as changing the face shape cost tens of thousands of yuan.
  Photographs are taken by a small number of graduates in order to reflect their own personalities, making great efforts to make photobooks, but some professionals say that this method is unlikely to work, “employees and enterprises still pay more attention to the strength of college students themselves.”
  Admission equipment should be appropriate. Mr. Sun said that it is now June. The countdown to the first job for college students has begun. What kind of face is your first job?
In fact, good mentality, solemn instrumentation, and deep technical skills are what the recruiters value and hope to see. If the ability is not outstanding, and they try to cover up with the appearance of “luxury packaging”, it is difficult for such college students to applyMy first job lasts long.
  University graduates usually start their careers at the grassroots level. Most of them have certain requirements for image, such as secretarial and marketing positions. These jobs have relatively low technical requirements.
Experts suggest that for college students who are new to the workplace, the cost of image packaging should be based on professional etiquette and based on their own economic conditions.