Size hospital links to facilitate grassroots masses

  The General Secretary Xi Jinping, the general secretary of Xi Jinping, emphasized that the people’s health is an important indicator of socialist modernization.

We must continue to deepen the reform of medical and health system, balance the layout of quality medical resources, improve the basic infrastructure conditions, provide reliable security for people’s health. Accelerate the quality of health supply quality and service, it is to adapt to the main contradiction between my country’s society, meet the needs of the people’s better life, and it is also higher quality, more efficient, more equitable, and more secure. Base. Today, this version launched the "First-line Extended Milder, Guarantee People’s Health" report, showing the exploration of people’s health, and pay attention.

      "Hurt!" Just a few days of my girlfriend, the teeth of Chen Qiuyu hurt, and the group turned.

I have to have a road to the county hospital, and I will have a more expensive, what can I do? "I heard that there is a stomatological room alliance now, go there!" The neighbors reminded Chen Qiuyu decided to try it. Sitting on the car, less than 10 minutes, I went to the town.

"You are inflammation of wisdom tooth, first open the anti-inflammatory drug.

"Doctors have finished checking the medicine, Chen Qiuyu is at ease.

  Sichuan Luojiang District Huijue Health Center Ontology Department, is built by Luojiang Hospital Group integrates the county and township oral medical resources. Every time the town is in the town, the local people can be convenient to visit.

Luojiang District People’s Hospital jointly established a hospital group and building a county medical community. As of the end of 2020, Sichuan has built 270 county medical communities. In recent years, Sichuan has focused on balanced quality medical resources, so that residents have gradually realized a doctor.

  Construction county medical community – Hospital establishing a league doctor can flow to say the benefits of the medical affirmation, Huijing Health Center Oral Alliance Doctor Zhou Wei and Xie Big King open the words. In the past, the health centers were only responsible for oral medical care, and the annual outpatient volume was very poor.

"Many people don’t know if the health center can also treat oral cavity diseases.

"Zhou Wei said." Former basic per hospital, only one oral doctor, but now has established a medical affiliates, and the flow of personnel is open.

"I just gave Chen Qiuyu to see a doctor as deeply in touch, and he is a doctor who is a health center, and Hui Juezheng Institute belongs to exchange cooperation.

  Today, the oral doctors in the Stomatological Office have participated in the oral doctors of the town, and the oral experts in the district hospital also regularly conducted online training.

"I have a tricky problem, you can ask experts directly through WeChat group." Zhou Wei introduced.

  Building a Stomatological Room Alliance, achieving circulation and training cooperation between county and township medical institutions is only one of the many attempts of Luojiang Hospital Group.

Luojiang Hospital Group Party Secretary, Director Qian Xiaohong, said that the Hospital Group is taken by the District People’s Hospital and the Hospital of Chinese Medicine and Maternal and Child Health Hospital and 10 township medical institutions. Nowadays, the Group has established four alliances such as stomatics, have realized "five unity" such as personnel, finance, technical specifications, quality control and performance appraisal.

  In addition, Sichuan is also innovative health insurance fund management, the implementation of "a total" Medical ECOWAS Medicare. "Now we doctors ECOWAS has a total amount of health insurance, medical co-vivo transfers, annual savings can also be retained in accordance with the regulations.

"Qian Xiaohong said, retention of health insurance fund will be used to encourage all kinds of hospital personnel. Ultrasound shot the film, transferred to the county hospital imaging centers, rapid feedback of information through the system after reading specialist. Less than 10 minutes, a diagnostic imaging It’s finished.

Black Dragon town in Sichuan Qingshen Center Hospital, Dean Lee to bring information technology to join the Green God Hospital Group, a thumbs-up.

  Last November, Qingshen medical information system construction is completed, the Green God Hospital Group of 13 agencies to achieve information sharing, as long as the treatment of patients in any county hospital, the doctor can be timely access to patient health information.

Today, many county health ECOWAS has achieved interoperability information, the people see a doctor at nearby hospitals, but also to obtain medical services at the county level.

  Strengthen grading clinics – primary ailment look easy in the past two-way referral, the patient is more to the big hospital to primary care doctor with fewer people, quality uneven distribution of medical resources has been the cause of the masses doctor is difficult an important reason expensive.

"Classification is to improve the diagnosis and treatment of medical resources and health insurance fund use efficiency, achieve a balance between supply and demand of medical services.

"Wei Jian, deputy director of Sichuan Provincial Committee Songshi Gui introduction, Sichuan aim to establish a" grass roots the first diagnosis, two-way referral, acute and chronic divide and conquer, the upper and lower linkage "medical pattern, and stronger from the county medical services, the implementation of large hospitals function positioning, standardized bi aspects such as tiered referral clinics.

  These days, Luo River Hospital Group of surgeons on behalf Yongjun is planning and township hospitals and village clinics with colleagues, they are responsible to provide fellow home family doctor services. In the Luo River, focus groups for diabetes, high blood pressure patients and the elderly, women and children with chronic diseases, the implementation of a local family doctor service contract, 县乡村三级 doctors family doctor team regular home.

  To strengthen the county medical services, Sichuan pilot reform full service contract specifically bind.

At the same time, to reduce the pressure of a large hospital care, Sichuan has also prepared a catalog of basic medical diseases and problems of severe diseases directory, a clear diagnosis and treatment of medical institutions at all levels extent of the disease.

And leave enough space for the primary initial diagnosis by increasing the total amount of large hospital outpatient, inpatient indicators for monitoring and evaluation of patients with severe problems three, four surgical proportion to promote the big hospital "reduction, upgrading". "Health insurance policy can effectively promote two-way referral." President Jiang Tao believes Mianyang Central Hospital, Sichuan provinces county four medical institutions in the implementation of differentiated reimbursement, the ratio difference of 50 percentage points, a difference of reimbursement from the pay line nearly a thousand dollars after, differentiated policy will help the patient in stable condition, referral to the nearest medical facility.

  In Deyang City Law District People’s Hospital, Yan Fu feet to help heal trauma patients is about, is preparing to back Yan home town of Center Hospital where he continued treatment.

"High Medicare reimbursement hospitals, the nearest doctor is also convenient!" Said Yan Fu help. As a clear referral channels, local optimization referral service, set up referral office to coordinate patient referral. "In the first quarter, at the county hospital transfer of patients reached 158 people." Qian Xiaohong introduction, to refer the patient down and focusing on providing follow-up services for patients. Layout Regional Medical Center – Hospital led to play the leading role of radiation, "the national and provincial Regional Medical Center can effectively promote the balanced development of regional medical resources, reduce patient remote medical treatment, cross-regional flow." Songshi Gui said, reasonable and balanced layout Regional Medical Center to exchange and training, research collaboration, remote clinics, etc., will better achieve the leading role of the center. Last year, the National Children’s Regional Medical Center officially opened construction in Sichuan and Chongqing. The Center jointly by the Children’s Hospital of Chongqing Medical University, Sichuan University, West China Second Affiliated Hospital to build, will combine the characteristics of Western diseases, diagnosis and treatment center construction complicated and serious disease pediatric Southwest, to carry out monitoring and treatment of birth defects lifecycle, training pediatric backbone of the region.

In addition, the West China Hospital of Stomatology, Sichuan University has successfully created a national oral Medical Center.

  "Next, we will actively create a national integrated Regional Medical Center, National Medical Center of altitude sickness and breathing, trauma, neurological, psychiatric, cardiovascular and other professional categories.

"Songshi Gui introduction. On the other hand, since 2014, Sichuan has also set up a provincial medical centers and nine provincial Regional Medical Center, along the related area development. Mianyang Central Hospital is the Northwest Area Regional Medical Center. Jiang Tao, Mianyang central hospital as the lead hospital, Suining central hospital, Mianyang City mental health Center, Aba Prefecture people’s hospital as an auxiliary hospital, medical technology coverage Mianyang, Suining radiation, Aba.

  In order to promote regional medical quality homogenization, Mianyang Central Hospital use of the Internet and other technologies help the old, small, frontier primary hospital.

"By 2015, the hospital set up a remote cardiac care center, has become the life-support remote monitoring system platform, service radiating area of ??about ten thousand square kilometers." Mianyang Central Hospital ECG telemonitoring Center, Ren Wuyi, as of April this year, the hospital has completed a remote area remote ECG monitoring more than 2907 cases, early detection of the successful rescue of more than 1000 cases of critically ill patients. Today, as a regional medical center, Mianyang Central Hospital also established a training center, more than 7,000 people each year for medical technical training.

"2019, hospital outpatient and emergency amount is 240 million people, hospitalized up to 10 million passengers per year to the number of outpatient services by 10% annually.

And treatment of patients from Mianyang and Guangyuan, Aba, Deyang, Suining and outside the province and more.

"Jiang Tao said, the hospital’s quality resources has led to an effective radiation surrounding areas for the masses to provide quality medical services.