Lee wind immediately to Ma Xiaoliang also said a lot of things。

Although Ma Xiaoliang also think there will be a big part of canteen water problem,However, Li is accurate to wind each process oil can produce。
I felt a little out of the way let Ma Xiaoliang。
A seemingly every day with the same boss vagrant,Actually well aware of everything。
Bid farewell to the wind Lee,Ma Xiaoliang also prepared to look at the preparations。
Immediately asked about the number of female employees in the plant with male employees,Who used to be a chef like。
The result is that no one is done chef。
Lee could not help but also think of the wind say,Lee directly to the wind。
Lee is also directly linked to the wind Liu Zhiming,After all, the hands of Liu Zhiming also trained several apprentices,Simply let go when the cafeteria director Liu Zhiming。
Lee arrangements for wind,Liu Zhiming also very happy。
Although the wind was his son Lee,But wages can give him what he understands is an honor for his wind Lee。
He said nothing will be agreed down。
After solving the biggest problem canteen,Lee wind will go directly to the wine cellar。
With Li Rong,Ma Xiaoliang preparations for the next few days is building cafeteria。
Just did not wait for him to play,Lee would have put the wind engineering team to him,He just say what kind of a cafeteria,Yang Li Shoudexia of contractors can give it as he wants to build up。
Even people also made a lot of reasonable proposals。
Talent which makes Ma Xiaoliang Li could not help feeling the wind is not an ordinary many Shoudexia。
It is time to start building in the cafeteria,But Ma Xiaoliang side suffered a first crisis。
Marketing messages are fed back market began to appear fake and shoddy products。
This action will affect their eyes vegetable plant reputation。
“Check out is where deceives a fake and shoddy products?”
“Check out ah,What is the address above our,Packing too。”
For this problem is a headache to let Ma Xiaoliang。
I immediately called several leaders of the vegetable factory to get ready to open a meeting.。
Chapter 1,572
soon,Ma Xiaoliang also summoned people.。
For today’s things,He is also very excited,Such thing,He naturally wants people to know the whole factory。
Give some people to eat a fixed pill。
Li Hui’s speech,It is also some official who is slowly.。
First of all, I am sure that Ma Xiaoliang’s achievements have been done this month.,Secondly, it is also praised the management of Ma Xiaoliang.。
Finally, it is encouragement.,Then announce that the master of Ma Xiaoliang is a vegetable factory。
Everything is announced,Li Hui has visited the wind.。
But it was stopped by Ma Xiaoliang.。
“Lee Boss,I have something to think about it.。”
“Um?you say!”
For the opinions of Hab Xiaoliang, just sitting in the factory,Li Hui is still very important。
“I want to get a cafeteria in the vegetable factory.,Not free,Be charged,But the charging model is also very cheap,A meal two dollars,Two dishes and one soup plus aar staple food。”
“Is the sale of this,But use our profits to make up for this loss。”
Li Hui rose, heard this brow.。
“That is still not charged.,After the charge, many people may take the brought home of the hoe.,After all, they spend money.,You don’t charge, you will directly explain the situation.,Openly,But don’t take it back。”