“Don’t need you,Leave it to me,I can capture him alone!You back,Lest my flying knife hurt you!”

Li Ji still wants to persuade,Chai Rong said in a low voice:“Lao Ma always thought that his flying knives were invincible,Self-esteem。Except Liu Fengxing,We have not been able to enter the eyes of him these days。Let him suffer,My face’s eyes grow up on top of his head!”
“rest assured,Even if the old horse is folded,We still have so many people,This kid can’t run this time!”
Li Ji himself is not happy with Ma Dong,Thought to myself:“Right,As long as I can get the inner alchemy back,I care about his life and death。Finally let this kid kill the best with one sword,Anyway, one more is not much!”
At the moment, Li Ji and the others have stepped back more than ten steps,Set aside space for Ma Dong and Chen Xiu。
Ma Dong raised his right hand in the air,A flying knife thin as a cicada wing appeared in the palm of his empty hand.,Suddenly, both eyes became a ray of stare at Chen Xiu,Said quietly:“Kid,Once my throwing knife is shot, it must enter and see blood。You don’t want to die,I’m abolishing meridians now、Hand over inner alchemy,I can also intercede with Liu’s family,Give you a happy way to die!”
Chen Xiu glanced at the flying knife in Ma Dong’s hand,I took another look at the flying knife where I just shot down,Suddenly laughed:“Seeing blood,What big talk。I was shot down without the flying knife hurting me!”
Ma Dong’s face changed suddenly,The flying knife in his hand raised,It turned into a sword light and flew towards Chen Xiu,Na Sensen’s sword air cut through the sky,The speed seems to be able to cut the air。
“Whoosh、Whoosh、Whoosh……”Listening to school bag
Chen Xiu closed his eyes,The long sword is dancing like a huge light curtain protecting you。
The onlookers just felt that their eyes widened and they still couldn’t see the trajectory of Ma Dongfei’s knife.,Chen Xiu was so arrogant that he closed his eyes,There was an expression of disbelief on his face。
Niu Ben, who knows the least about Chen Xiu, screamed:“This kid is too arrogant,Dare to close your eyes at this time,He is looking for death!”
Zhou Yanan shouted loudly:“You see,That kid’s ear,Seems to be beating!”
Everyone looks at,Although it is very slight,But Chen Xiu’s ears really beating very frequently。
“he……Does he want to lean on‘listen’The discriminating Pharaoh deals with Ma Dong’s flying knife!”Li Ji said in surprise。