pity,I understand it now.。

The old monk is indeed a demon,A spider essence of two hundred years,God light locking of the law sea eyebrow,Prostemous,Drive the Zen warehouse and escape。
Liao Wenjie:“……”
Spider is actually a bad old man,Instead of wearing umbilical sisters,Negative Ratings!
“Humph,Where is the enchanting?!”
French feet pointed,White flash,Straight catching the Zen stick,Look at it,Chasing the spider essence, drinking a tea。
“Mage,I have the Lingtai Temple Buddha,Dharma,Habito,Not a evil demon ghost。Your man is high,Compassion,Don’t get caught good people。”Spider is hard to see。
“shut up,Unmisterer,Dare to reverse the black and white in front of the poor。”
French sea snort,Run your hand from 袈裟 袈裟 袈裟 金,Throw away,The huge suction is covered with a cane,Want to take spiders。
“Mage,God has a good life,Practice is not easy for a hundred years,Don’t returning me back。”Spider carefully angry,It was chased from the sky without a door,On the side of fleeing。
Fahai is not moving,One of the Buddhas sitting for 20 years,Iron is almost ruthless,Will not care about the sophistication of the monster。
The eyes will be sucked into the golden bowl of Zen sticks and spiders,A red arm is spurred from the distance,Grab the Zenneu to bring it out of danger。
“Liao brother,That is a monster,Don’t move your heart。”
Fahai recovered gold,Defense looks at the Zen sticks:“I know you have a compassion,But the demon ghosts are mostly fascinated by fake,Can’t be used by them。”
Liao Wenjie lifted his finger to the nature of the sea,A string of beads hanging on the tree,Old monk is haterpened to escape,I lost my fall for it.。
“A string of Buddha light treasure,Must be sincerely affectionate,Talented to a filling。”Picking up the beads,Praise。
“Monster’s beads,He is the people who sincerely。”Liao Wenjie explained a sentence。
Fahai shook his head:“Demon is a demon,How can I do sincerity?,This skewers are a good thing that is a high-level person.,Shi 89 is the monster。”
“People have good and evil,Demon is good and bad,Nothing is absolute,Just like you first see me.,I think I am a magic。”
Liao Wenjie shrugged,Spider waved the spider,The latter rolls with a group,The old monk of the previous running road。
“Thank you,Thank you master.。”Old monk is grateful,Lianlian, Liao Wenjie。
Liao Wenjie,Continue to the law:“You don’t believe me.,I don’t want to ask,After all, the word is indeed worthy。If you want evidence,You can take the Beads to Lingtai Temple to find out,Does the monster lying,A question。”
Fahai silence,Think that Liao Wenjie is very reasonable,Really fake,I can’t really,How is the truth?,Tell the certificate, you can know。
“how,Want me to accompany you to the Lingtai Temple??”
“So best,But before this,Still should only hold this demon,Crack it under the foot of the mountain,Solve you, I have been deceived,Harmless people lost their lives。”Fahai。
Liao Wenjie nodded,Exchange him,80% will do this,But……
He has special intelligence sources,Confident, this spider is a good demon.,Fahai suppression of the foot,It’s a pity that a hundred years of cultivation is a pity.。
“Fahai,What should I do if I caught wrong??”
“He is a demon,How can I catch a mistake??”
See the law of the sea frown,Liao Wenjie said:“If he is really a good monster,Being a hundred years of hardships,I am refused to re-revitalize it.,Who is it??”
“If,Other monsters know this,Why do you think?”
Liao Wenjie:“I am a monster,I know that whether or not doing good or evil,Will be hired in the world,Then which one I still do,Wrecked,Grab the wife and sisters,Night, change your bride, more!”
“It’s dead or dead.,Why is only one dead?,It’s better to die.!Fahai wants to kill me,I can’t play him.,But I don’t accept,I have to retaliate like a madman.,I want blood into the river,To pull everyone!”