Chapter Four Hundred and Thirty circle
Far away,Lu Menglin saw it among those extras,A few familiar faces actively greeted Little Braid。
“Qiu Dao,What’s good to introduce?!”
“Director Qiu is getting more and more handsome,Help introduce the start!”
“Gui Qiu, a few new people came here,Very sharp,Super show!”
The man with the braid who was called the director Qiu by the cast,Obviously has considerable power on this road at Taimenkou,Everyone is in awe。
At this moment,Zhou Min and Ying Jieying also saw Lu Menglin,The former beckoned to him happily。
Lu Menglin smiled,Come forward。
“This is the one you recommend?“Director Qiu met Lu Menglin,I couldn’t help but frowned,Seems reluctant,Asked in an almost questioning tone。
Zhou Min rushed to say:“Yes,Yes!Looks good!Good figure,The most important thing is to be able to fight!I saw such a big machine with my own eyes,Was beaten by him。”
“What are you smiling?Are you happy to meet me?Crazy line!”Director Qiu gave Lu Menglin a fierce look,Direct curse。
Lu Menglin was stunned for a moment,Suddenly narrowed his eyes。
This little braid is very annoying!A posture that I think I’m very strong,Who to see,It seems that EQ is low。
Zhou Min was also stunned,Hesitated:“Why scold him?”
The strange head Qiu rolled his eyes,Hehe smiled:“young people,Of course you have to work hard!I scold him,It depends on his patience。If patience is not good,The disobedient kind,Bringing into the studio is also troublesome。”
Heard Director Qiu talking like this,Although Zhou Min is a little unhappy,,But I had to admit it。
Zhu Qiuhong on the side is still that cold look,Didn’t comment on what happened before me。