Bank of China Liuzhou Branch plans a new chapter of the country’s revitalization

In recent years, the Bank of China Liuzhou Branch has continuously places the financial advantage, actively exploring new models, new methods, measures, and consolidate the effective connection to the renewal of poverty and the resulinage of rural residence, and contribute to the prosperity of Liuzhou City. Exquisite to force, innovate products, provide funding for rural residence to support rural villages and not allow the financial live water. Since 2021, Bank of China Liuzhou Branch has continued to strengthen financial supply and resources in the field of agriculture, and increase the interaction of farmers and loans.

On the one hand, the bank fully utilizes Puhetic credit resources, continuously innovation to optimize the financial products involved in agriculture, through in-depth promotion of "Golden Chicken", "benefit farm loan", etc., provide diversified, personalized cooperation programs He supports the faucet enterprises in revitalizing the country’s effectiveness, helping farmers’ professional cooperatives and other agricultural programs. On the other hand, the bank actively grasps the special industry service, focusing on the county and hometown, according to the resource endowment from all over the world, continuously innovation of specializing financial services products, and launching scenarios suitable for local development.

In order to let the funds reach the farmers in the hands of the farmers, the bank is also specially opened to help farmers’ green loan channels, reduce the entry threshold, simplify the approval process, and open the sub-barriers, implement interest rate reduction and tax reduction policy, reduce the financing costs of farmers and poverty alleviation enterprises. , Solve the problem of "funding difficult".

As of the end of September 2021, the balance of farmers and loans involved in farmers was nearly 1.4 billion, an increase of 6% over the previous year.

Party construction, broadening channels, providing technical support for rural revitalization, China Bank Liuzhou Branch always puts rural rejuvenation as key work, comprehensively enhances the effectiveness of financial revitalization, and efficiently help local rural resolution. At the beginning of the year, the party committee has developed a special work program that promotes the revitalization of rural rejuvenation work plans and financial services villages, and further strengthens the assessment of rural residence in the line. At the same time, in order to better play the leading role of the party organization in rural residence, the line uses "Internet +" technology, through the promotion of the China Bank of China "Fuxi No." intelligent party building platform, realizing the management of grassroots party organizations Chemical, party members’ education management diversified, organize and manage information.

The bank also uses new technologies, new platforms to broaden the village revitalization channels, through the China Bank’s "Public Welfare China" to help farm platforms, call on the party members and party construction joints to increase the purchase of agricultural products in the governing area, and help local povertygrams The agricultural and sideline products have been stationed in the platform to promote the revitalization of rural villages with consumption. In addition, in order to achieve financial promotion of rural revitalization, the Bank of China Liuzhou Branch also promoted the investigation of new county agencies and "micro-bank" services such as electronic equipment, guaranteeing the establishment and upgrading of new county agencies, and promoting online banking. Mobile banking, telephone banking and other channels, providing convenient settlement products and services for Sannong customers, opening up the "last kilometer" of rural financial services. Participate in cadres and focus on short boards, providing talents to rural rejuvenation to support Liujiang District, Liujiang District, Liujiang District, China, and a famous poor village in 2019. Since 2007, Since 2007, Shenglun Town, Turbo Town, China, China Bank Liuzhou Branch sent four original posts to the village of the financial professional and technical positions to work to Xidang Village.

The exemption of the Spring Festival, "July 1", etc. Important Time nodes, and the integration of financial resources, and strongly support the construction of infrastructure in difficulties, and build people’s drinking projects, hardened cement roads for Xilang Village. Flat public sun, allocation maintenance school buildings, etc., solve drinking water, travel, activities, and learning problems.

In response to the problem of industrial model, the problem of insufficient hematopoietic function, this trip helped the new model of industrial development in Xidang Village, to help farmers in the scale of fungus, field screw, Chinese herbal medicine and other economic crops in fungus. In 2019, Xidang Village completed a comprehensive poverty in advance. The bank has also become the only unit of the local financial system in the universal poverty poverty education in Liuzhou City.

Next, the Bank of China Liuzhou Branch will continue to practice the beginning, the mission, and carry out the country’s revitalization work as a practical action of practicing social responsibility, serving the people’s livelihood development, and uses action to write financial support for rural revitalization. Chapter.

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