China Life "7.8 Insurance Public Propaganda Day": At the same time, we are together

A few days ago, China Life Insurance Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "China Life") launched the 2020 "National Insurance Public Propaganda Day" activity, the annual theme is "concentric peers, we are together".

On June 8, China Life Inquiry In advance, the whole system issued a notice on the implementation of the 2020 national insurance publicity day activities, organized 36 provincial branches to drive their branches to actively participate in this year’s activities.

According to the event requirements, the company has developed an activity organization implementation plan, guiding the institutions at all levels to arrange the "Insurance Poverty Alleviation Health" activities in accordance with the activity phase, "Strengthening the immune power 7 to 8" topic short video promotion communication activities, "insurance Science and Technology Five Entering "Activities," Insurance Knowledge Popular "Online Forum and Company Independent Innovation Activities. Through the series of activities, the function and role of insurance knowledge, publicity insurance, promotion of insurance industry, and enhance the public’s cognition of the insurance industry. According to the relevant personnel of China’s life, the company attaches great importance to the public’s publicity and effectiveness, and conscientiously do a good job in regulating action, forming a centralized propaganda effect of activities.

At present, the company’s institutions will also actively and innovate, fully utilize the favorable opportunities of the publicity day, combined with the actual development of this unit, organize all kinds of fields, all the lines work together, is organizing general manager reception day, online health knowledge lectures, insurance The supervisor symposium is varied, rich in content, novel personalized insurance propaganda and service activities, and enhance the participation and interactivity of the activity. In addition, China Life Life gives full play to the company’s scientific and technological advantages, using various public network platforms and corporate design and development network platforms to carry out colorful online "insurance five entry" (entering the countryside, entering the countryside, into the community, into the organs, Enterprise) activities, popular financial insurance knowledge, provide customers with more simple, quality, warm service experience, enabling promotional and service organic integration, truly let insurance industry brands into the "ordinary people’s home". (Responsible: Tang Xinyi, Zhang Jingqi).