School-enterprise cooperation deepens the production and education integration Huazhong Agricultural University launched billion projects aggressive insurance industry

Huazhong Agricultural University – Huasheng Research Institute unveiled.

Jiang Dynasty Changshi People’s Network Wuhan November 14th, November 13th, Huazhong Agricultural University – Huasheng Research Institute is unveiled in Wuhan Huosheng Biological Intelligent Chemical Plant, located in Wuhan Lin Airport, Economic Development Zone (Dongxi Lake District), the two sides will deeply Enterprise cooperation to help my country’s motivation industry high quality development. According to the agreement, Huosheng’s biological launched the "five-year cooperation support plan" will be funded by no less than 100 million yuan in five years, which is used to support the cooperation between the two sides, of which 10 million yuan is used to support the development of school.

The school-enterprises will deepen the integration of education, explore the educational chain, the talent chain and the industrial chain, and the original development path of the innovative chain, further deepen cooperation, realize platform sharing, talent sharing, share, cooperation and win-win, help to promote the modernization of agricultural rural rural. At the meeting, Huazhong Agricultural University – Huizhong Research Institute unveiled, and the two sides will jointly carry out scientific and technological research around animal major epidemic disease prevention, new veterinary drug development, market strategy research, technical services, etc., surrounded by talent training, research and development platform, cultural brand creation In-depth cooperation is carried out. (Zhou Wen Jiang Chang) (Editor: Guan Xiyan, Zhang Wei) Sharing let more people see recommendation reading.