“He is a codensette of a killer,This person is a super killer that came to the trace.,So I advise Wang Miss or not think about how to revenge,This matter will help you.。”Ritual,

Wang Munchu once again cried again,Wang Fuzhen quickly called two people to take her away.。
“Since the long pool is so clear,Then let’s go to the house next,Wang Chairman, I will leave the team’s gendarmerie to protect you.。”Watanabe Xiongo said,
“Thank you for the Watanaba Taijun!”
NS152chapter Prince’s trip(Recommend!Ask for a monthly ticket!)
Watano let Qi Rui and Qiushan Yazi take yourself a car,I asked after getting on the bus.:“Long pool,What do you think??”
“Class long,Obviously this Zheng Yao first dispersed our attention,I don’t think that the refuse of the drunkard is not in the wine.!”
“Long Pool, what is the meaning of him, he wants to distract our attention.,Look for a chance to save Wu Tianbao?”
“Perhaps there is a bigger action!”
“What is the big action?,Ghost six!It’s really a pain.!”These two days of defense were tossed by Zheng Yao first.。
The team of special qualifications came to Gujia,It is already a hinge,His a good coffin is sent.,Received their people have seen,That is the traitor of the casino with Wang Fu, Gu Chunhui。
Waiting to the yard,Rui Rui, I saw a fresh and soft girl, I can’t help but suffer.:This is not the pity that is a pity that is killed by Xiao Tuo, is it a pity that is killed by Xiao Tun.!It turns out that her traitor is a father.……Gu Chunhui!
Although it is also wishes,But Qi Rui quickly found that Gu Junru Yu Gu Chunhui’s daughter,A unfortunate girl who is hidden in the spy battle drama is a very pity that Gu Junru,She is also patriotic youth,I also followed the school of admire Xiao Tutang on the street.。
But she is so wrong in such a traitor family.,It’s even a wrong birth.。
Rui Rui is still equipped with a model to view the body and site,Like Wang Fun,They are all cut after the fragrance.,Look at the method and the depth of the wound and the force are not the same person,Rui Rui, has guessing the dried fish。
After reading the decision of the decision, it is the pasture, solemn,Ji Yunqing’s nephew season also died of the same way,That is certainly Song.,Because I only gave them three people incense.。
“Class long,I see Zheng Yao first, I will grasp Wu Tianbao.!”Akiyama,
“I also feel like this.,Who is the goal of the next one he wants to kill??”Watanabe face ugly question,
“The class, I feel that the Chinese is called the traitor, it may be the goal of Zheng Yaoxian.。”Ritual,
“Long pool,You are trace experts,Can you help us judge who they will kill?。”
“Wang Fuzhen!Gu Chunhui is likely to be their next goal.!Because they are a well-known traitor。”
“These two people are indeed more active than deaths.!I immediately sent people to protect them.。”Watanabe said,
“Long pool,This is the list of the pro-Japanese people I have sorted out overnight.,Do you look at it is useful?。”Qiushan Yadi took out a small hand to the long boom,
Watanabe listened to surprise:“Oh!Did you predict Zheng Yao first to kill them??”
“Class long,I originally wanted to prevent,But I don’t want Zheng Yao first to start so fast.,He will definitely continue to deal with the traitors said by the Chinese.,But it is certain that these traitors are not the main goal of Zheng Yao.!”Ritual,
“You said that his real goal is to save Wu Tianbao.?”Ferry,
“Do not,I want to save people to make such a big movement.,Class long?Why are you coming recently??”
“The big figure is indeed?And this evening!”Watanabe Xiongger is a special class class,Such things he will definitely get news.?
Qi Rui micro expression management immediately asked nervous:“Who!?”
“Dynasty palace 彦 亲 王?He came to serve as the general commander of Shanghai,I will personally go to the capital of the capital to attack China Nanjing.?You said Zheng Yao’s goal is the prince.!?”Watanabe feels that this is impossible,
“Class long?In case?”Qi Rui expressive and serious asked?
“Class long!Too likely,We must never let this happen!”Qiushan Yadi is very confident that the pool is said.,
“Do you want too much?,Prince is protected by the police guard?Zheng Yao first thought……Long pool!You are worried about the judge combination!?”Watanabe Maldo said a excitement?How many people don’t block a sniper master like a jellyfish and pasta?,This is also believed to。
“Class long,The person in charge of the communication society is divided into these two people to assist Zheng Yao first,Shouldn’t only kill a few small traitors and save the remaining Wu Tianbao??I have always doubted that they have more actions.!”Rui continues to fool。
“Is it not enough to kill the generals of the Island?,Also kill the prince!?”The more I want to say, the more I want to say, the more I want to say, the more I want it.?
“If we have the opportunity to kill the old,Do you have a skill??”Rui Rui, I asked.?
“Long Pool Jun said reasoning!I will contact the Prince Guard.,Tell them this situation。”
“Class long!I will help you in special high school two days.。”