Spring health

Spring health

Cough more in spring. Pears and lilies have changed sharply in the recent warm and cold weather. Too many people have a cold or upper respiratory tract infection. Coughs are often heard in the office.

Medical experts said that in the spring cough can eat more pears and lilies, which can enhance the upper respiratory tract immunity.

  Medical experts believe that spring coughs are mostly caused by colds, especially in recent days, when the weather has become warmer and the temperature has dropped sharply. Many people have not added clothes in time, which has led to upper respiratory tract infections and even bronchitis, which is the cause of excessive coughing.

In addition, the dry climate in spring makes the upper respiratory tract mucosa susceptible to bacterial attack and dry cough.

  To prevent cough, we must first pay attention to the changes in hot and cold weather, and clothes should not be taken off too quickly.

Elderly people who are accustomed to morning forging should not get up too early. It is best to start exercising after the sun comes out. At the same time, pay attention to wearing more clothes.

For office white-collar workers, reduce the level of fatigue at work, go to bed early and get up early to strengthen the body’s resistance and prevent upper respiratory tract inflammation.

People with heavy taste usually should eat less spicy food, such as hot pot barbecue, etc., keep the diet light and eat more vegetables.

  If you have cough symptoms, you can eat more pears.

You can also use fresh lily and glutinous rice to make porridge.

  In spring, the weather is clear, and the body is prone to accumulate moisture and cause skin sagging. In winter, I eat a lot of fat foods and accumulate in the body.

There is also an old saying: It is difficult to buy spring to release thousands of gold.

Here are some food therapy for detoxification and detoxification: apples and fresh milk don’t blindly believe in folk detox drugs, simple apples and fresh milk already have detoxification effect.

Get up in the morning for a glass of fresh milk and an apple.

It is mild and beneficial, and has a detoxifying effect.

Other fruits, such as strawberries, cherries (cherries), and grapes also have good detoxifying effects.

  Kelp mung bean soup in the kelp can promote the excretion of toxic substances in the body, mung bean cold, can clear heat and detoxify.

The kelp mung bean soup was injected from time to time, and the toxins were naturally converted into urine and excreted.

The soup is good, but it doesn’t need to be so hard.

In addition, barley is also a good dehumidifying food. When added together to make soup and drink, it also increases the dehumidifying effect.

  Water Don’t forget the best detox carrier: water.

Don’t think that spring is short and you don’t need to rehydrate.

Without water in my body, I do n’t even need to go to the toilet. How can I detoxify?

A few days ago, the popular skin care product was called “eight glasses of water”. In fact, it is easier to drink eight glasses of water directly.

Don’t think that drinking eight glasses of water is a pain. In fact, it can be juice or soup.

It is also important not to wait until you are thirsty to drink water. In the space between work, drink a glass of water to rest, refreshing, and then you can do it to overcome the spirit, which is beneficial to both public and private.

  Drinking pepper soup in spring increases appetite. Spring is erratic and short-lived, people are prone to tiredness and lethargy, and are more susceptible to respiratory problems, gastrointestinal upsets and skin diseases.

So eat more light food, eat more vegetables, drink more water to clear your stomach, and eat less fried food.

  Drink more dehumidified soups like lentils, red beans and soup with pueraria.

Eat more fruits rich in seed c to prevent colds.

You can also eat spicy food, such as drinking pepper pork belly soup, to increase appetite; do not eat tired foods such as glutinous rice to avoid increasing the burden on the stomach.

Do not eat foods that contain heat, such as beef, shrimp, and crabs; treat red rob and horse cuckoo soup to clear heat and detoxify.

Drinking rose tea has beauty and soothes the liver.

The year’s plan is in spring, and eating out on the street “recognizes drinking and choosing food” is a manifestation of cherishing oneself.